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Although Evelyn Raab’s cookbook, Clueless in the Kitchen, bills itself as a cookbook for beginners, I’d argue these recipes for making simple dishes from scratch would be a welcome addition to just about anyone’s repertoire. And although simple, Raab’s recipes do not sacrifice taste… All of it is delivered with a touch of humour in a conversational tone making this cookbook a fun read. (Helen Lammers-Helps Ontario Farmers Magazine 2018-05-01)

For the student leaving home and facing cooking for the first time, or for any would-be cook needing the basics, a handy little cookbook called Clueless in the Kitchen; Cooking for Beginners, is the solution. Author Evelyn Raab, a veteran of 30 years writing the Cooking With Kids column in Today’s Parent magazine, has produced a winner of a book that covers such favourites as sloppy Joes, Buffalo wings, spaghetti sauce, lasagne and crepes, as well as roast chicken, cooking fish in foil, many pizzas, and such tofu recipes as Chickenless Fingers and Fabulous Fajitas. Raab, a mother from Peterborough, Ont., has packed her book with useful information, beginning with the equipment you need, how to avoid food poisoning and junk food, food-shopping methods including meat (start by making friends with a butcher), and how to make leftovers into a good stir-fry. The youthful cooks photographed are having a good time, and so will the reader, thanks to the author’s breezy style; she calls the
kitchen ‘alien territory,’ then makes haste to turn it friendly with demystifying tips. If you feel overly dependent on ready-made food, this book will show you how easy it is to make satisfying, home-cooked meals, even including chocolate mousse. (Julian Armstrong Montreal Gazette 2018-09-18)

[Review of earlier edition:] This is a great cookbook for the younger and inexperienced cook. The language used is informal and very conversational…. This book is extremely useful and a great addition to the library of the newly moved out young person. (Alison Edwards Resource Links)

[Review of earlier edition:] Young adults who like to cook or would like to learn more about cooking will appreciate the abundant information and recipes here … The author makes a strong case for fresh over convenience and processed food and explains many cooking and kitchen basics … its basic food message is sensible and the recipes are appealing. (Anne Malley Booklist 1998-07-19)

[Review of earlier edition:] Hip, humorous, easy-to-use cookbook. (Forth Worth Star-Telegram 2004-11-23)

[Review of earlier edition:] Wryly humorous collection of 200 recipes aimed at teens… substantial basic information on cooking… friendly, tongue-in-cheek tone. (School Library Journal)

A tried and true cookbook… Refreshed and revamped for its latest release. (Jessica Nyznik Peterborough Examiner 2017-07-28)

Author Evelyn Raab really nails it with her excellent cookbook designed for beginners — and time-challenged cooks — who love good food cooked from scratch, or have very little time for cooking. Clueless in The Kitchen should be given to every young adult heading out on their own to college, university or leaving home on new adventures. Now in its third edition, the book gives clear and straightward instruction on how to put together easy, delicious and nutritious meals including rice, lasagna, chili, fajitas, curries, casseroles, snacks and a whole lot more! (Rita Demontis Toronto Sun 2017-08-30)

About the Author

Evelyn Raab’s popular ‘Cooking With Kids’ column appeared for more than 20 years in Today’s Parent magazine.


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